Institut für nachhaltige Aktivitäten auf See

INASEA is an independent private institute for Sustainable activities at sea.

INASEA is an interdisciplinary and independent expert office with Dr. Michaela Mayer as personally liable owner.

Since 2006, our projects have focused on designing and promoting activities at sea while reconciling economic efficiency and environmental protection. In 2019, we have expanded the portfolio for activities on land.

We accompany and support you in ecological inventory, assessments and planning at sea and on land.

Our vision is the implementation of environment friendly solutions of any enterprise on our seas.

Support & Consulting

Research & Developmet 

INASEA designs and promotes activities at sea, reconciling cost efficiency and environmental protection.

The ship industry is a growing market. Ships transport more and more freight, more and more tourist travel by cruise ships around the world. Many factors influence the impact of shipping to coastal and open waters. In combination with the frequency, basically the technology on a ship, the use of oil, the presence or type of a scrubber, the ballast water and waste management, the under water noise, and the draught impact the marine and coast environment. Besides this, some “soft” effects such as the choice of the sailing route, the guidance of tourists in remote areas gain on importance for the protection of the world oceans and coasts.

INASEA offers a pallet of service and ideas to minimize risk of environmental impacts by ship and offshore industry. INASEA supports cruise ship companies to conduct their operations in Arctic and Antarctic regions.


→  Environmental impact assessments for technics and activities at sea

→  Risk analyses of marine and maritime enterprise

→  Biological monitoring & applied research

→  Consulting & Support for Tourism in Polar Regions

→  Polar & Green Shipping – technics, impact assessment, permission proceeding



Expedition cruise 

→ EU-reporting obligation - Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)